Business - Acoustics at work

Poor acoustics are extremely annoying for your customers, staff or guests.Investing in acoustics is often postponed, but is a major source of frustration.
Fortunately you have found us! makes great acoustics simple and affordable.

How makes the difference:

 1. An acoustic measurement and detailed advice is often not necessary.

In 95% of the rooms with acoustic nuisance, the solution is simple, namely installing the right amount of damping products.

So do not pay for a measurement with advice of which you already know the outcome: place damping. Even a 'free' measurement on location is included in the sales price of the products. does this differently.
We tell you how many damping materials you should place in the room(s), based on the square meters.

2. We leave the assembly to you, our products are very easy to install. You can hang our wall panels, for example, as you would hang a painting. Easy peasy.

3. Because we work with products in standard sizes , we can scale our production.
Customization is simply more expensive.

This allows us to offer the lowest price for great acoustics.


So, do you want to pay an unnecessary measurement, complicated advice plan, complex customization and a big invoice? Then you've come to the right place NOT .

Do you want to solve your acoustic problem easily and cost-effectively?
Then contact us quickly contact or order directly from the webshop.